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Curvy selkie…


Last bunch of monster girls !


Day 3: Slime

I wasn’t gonna shade this but I really like how she turned out so I put a little extra effort into her. I think she’s really cute, I based her off a slug!

another slime girl <3


Picture #2 of the monster girl challenge: Centaur! Er, hippo-centaur? Fun fact: “hippopotamus” means “river horse”, and the ancient Greeks invented the word so I could one day use it for a Monster Girl challenge.

omg yes


30-day monster girl challenge day 3- slime

adorable transparent slime girl. Slime princess and/ or ditto was my inspiration

the slime girls are so good


Day 2: Centaur


Day 1: Harpie

Doing the 30 day monster girl challenge cause monster girls are awesome! 

So obvious I based the beak off the Rito people from Zelda;;;

so glad i looked at the “30 day monster girl challenge” tag


Today for the MonsterGirls challenge it’s the plant girl turn :

1._ Harpy

2._ Centaur

3._ Slime

4._ Naga


6._ Spider Girl

7._ Plant Girl…

eeeeeee omg


Seven initial keys by Aubrey Beardsley, from the backs of Keynotes series, 1890s

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